Squad Depth, an introduction

A corner for Theo Lloyd-Hughes - and perhaps some other collaborators - to tell slow-paced, soft, and curious stories + player profiles from the world of football.

[laughs to self] I failed to start this newsletter back in March of 2022.

Ahead of the start of the NWSL season, I was looking for a more personal space to write interviews and pen thoughts about football. At that time, I even spoke to my personal favourite player in the league - Ebony Salmon - during the preseason.

That interview-let, intended to be the first-ever newsletter, was never published. [sigh]

Stashed away, it just became another unfinished project. It was all very Virgo of me.

So much has happened since then. It won’t ever see the light of day.

But, in short, I can tell you that Ebony only started drinking ice coffee after she moved to the States. And that Louisville has a better sunset than Birmingham. And that she is partial to photos of Taylor Otto’s cat.

Now, with the U.S. domestic football season finished, and a doomed men’s World Cup approaching that I plan on doing almost everything in my power to avoid; I feel the urge to once again try and carve out a personal space on the internet to share stories from the world of football that are of interest to me. And maybe to others too.

Like you, the person reading these words on a screen.

Squad Depth is meant to be a place for slow-paced football story telling. That’s it really.

Conversations with people from football around the world unpacking facets of the game, personal, irreverent or totally random, in a way that is tender. Calm.

Poems, paragraphs, notes and thoughts on things that maybe need to be talked about more. Anecdotes or light analysis scribbled down in a way that you would like to have in your email inbox. Like a postcard from a friend.

It’s me, I’m that friend. Welcome to Squad Depth.